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Our Mission

The Crescendo con la Música Foundation was created in 2012 in Switzerland and brought to Mexico by Jorge Viladoms, a Mexican pianist with an international career. Switzerland and taken to Mexico by Jorge Viladoms, Mexican musician with an international career and professor at the Lausanne Conservatory.

Our mission is to provide access to music for children and young people in vulnerable environmentsby offering them the opportunity to receive quality musical education that will contribute to their comprehensive development to visualize a the future and take it in your hands.

Jorge Viladoms con niños y niñas sonriendo

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Our Work

We understand music as a channel for the personal and community growthand we look for consolidate a model institutional and pedagogical approach that can be replicated.

In Mexico we offer free music education programs that are integrated into the educational processes of children and involve their families.

In Switzerland we support the training and artistic development of young musicians through scholarships or educational exchanges. 

In Kenya we collaborate with a local organization that shares our values 

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Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of people and institutions We also support the organization of music and dance galas with artists of international renown.

To learn more about ways to collaborate, da click here or contact to our team. 


Our Team


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Valentina Collu


Staff Crescendo con la música

Eva Tille


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Staff Crescendo con la música

Karla Gudiño

General Coordination

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Mario Rivas

Artistic Direction

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Emiliano López

General Assistance

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